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Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding training is a fundamental aspect for the entire school community, covering staff, students, parents, contractors, management, and the Board.

Hybrid method Includes:
* Planning discussion around your school's specific needs
* Step by step, easy to follow training programme split into manageable chucks for busy staff to fit around their schedule using; videos, dilemmas, scenarios & group discussions
* Live workshop sessions with International Safeguarding Consultant Sian Jorgensen, to embed learning and discuss additional complexity

Personalised, location and school specific training at a low cost that you can run at a time that suits you!

If your school is not in a position to get larger training, then why not join a training  course as an individual - training dates available throughout the year 

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Hybrid Level 1 Course 
for all school staff 

* Can be run over 3 or 4 staff meetings or during a training day

Level 1
Introduction to safeguarding

Whole Staff Training - approx. 2.5 hr training* 

  • Understanding Child Abuse

  • Identify Child Protection concerns

  • Recording and reporting concerns

  • What is your role in a Child Protection enquiry?

  • Responding & supporting students of any age

Level 2
Advanced Safeguarding

approx. 5 hour training

Middle Management : Heads of Year, Asst. Heads,  Counsellors

  • In-depth understanding of child abuse

  • Who abuses children and why?

  • Strategic Safeguarding

  • Exploring learning from other International schools

  • Talking to children about possible abuse

  • How to talk to parents

  • Understanding local and international law, alongside organisational policy.

Hybrid Course

Level 3
dsl training

Essential Training for Designated Safeguarding Leads and Senior Leadership Team 

  • In depth understanding of child protection nuances in your location

  • Exploration of policy / procedures

  • Managing an allegation or concern from start to finish - practical, hands on training incl.

  • How to talk with students, parents and staff

  • Managing the wider community

  • Incident planning


*Can be combined with other hybrid courses to reduce time and cost


Additional areas can be added to Level 2 and Level 3 training or can be designed as stand alone training for groups such as parents or Boards.

Current Hot Topics :

  • Child on Child Abuse 

  • Sexually Harmful Behaviour

  • Unsafe Online Behaviour

  • Addressing Powerful People and Abuse

  • Child Protection and Cultural Norms

  • Safer Recruitment

  • Child Sexual Abuse Material


*Can be combined with other hybrid courses to reduce time and cost

Safer Recruitment Training 

Designed for HR and Senior Leaders 

Ensure that you are using best practice throughout your whole recruitment process. 

Explore how Safeguarding fits into every element of the recruitment process from your adverts all the way through to onboarding your new staff.   Discussions, tasks, case studies and learning from serious case reviews are all used to help you thoroughly explore how you can embed Safer Recruitment practices in your organisation

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 Full course provides 8 hours of CPD.  
Hybrid training or Live learning contact us to discuss what works best for your team!

Encompass Safeguarding Ltd,  Company Registration Number 14266316, 
Registered in England & Wales

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