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Additional Training

We also offer bespoke training to meet any of your Safeguarding or Child Protection challenges.

Managing a Child Protection Enquiry Training

Dive into realistic scenarios with your team and tackle the toughest safeguarding challenges. This interactive program uses case studies to hone your skills in risk assessment, response thresholds, and action planning.

Tailor the training to your needs: Choose from topics like managing difficult parent conversations, navigating cultural complexities in discipline, undertaking child-friendly interviews, and exploring the latest online dangers.

Currently offered as an engaging, in-person or online experience.


Safeguarding Case Study series

Following our Level 3 training, this program deepens your team's understanding through real-world scenarios. Explore child protection issues, boosts confidence in handling concerns, and refine your teams response strategies. Delve into case studies (even ones your team brings!), analysing risks and developing effective action plans. Choose session intervals that suit you, but a minimum of monthly is recommended for sustained impact. Equip your team for the everyday realities of safeguarding with this practical, empowering program.

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