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Child Focused SAFE Interviewing © Training

Protects you, your students & your school
Coming Soon!

New and upcoming training that all schools/organisations would greatly benefit from. 

Available from September 2024

Child Focused SAFE Interviewing ©

Strategic           Keep the CP Enquiry CHILD focused     

Accessible        Meeting the needs of THAT child

Factual               Ask the RIGHT QUESTION's in the RIGHT way

Empowering    Remember, this is YOUR work but THEIR LIFE

Evidence based system built from the UK's Achieving Best Evidence and the US’s Forensic Interviewing methods and provides a framework specifically designed for staff in schools to use, so you can have confidence every step of the way that you are not causing any harm, damaging any potential future criminal investigation and getting as much factual information as possible. 

The Problems 
that schools face

The Risks
that unskilled interviewing can cause 

  • Schools are often the first place a child discloses abuse or trauma 

  • School staff are not trained in interviewing children

  • Children rarely provide the full information initially 

  • Information is needed in order to decide on actions

  • Risk contaminating information and potential evidence

  • International schools are less likely to have external support

  • The children additional emotional harm

  • Place children at additional risk of harm

  • Protect the abuser

  • Lead to false information being gathered

  • Lead to miscarriages of justice 

  • Cause significant emotional, reputational and financial harm to others (staff member, parent, school, other children)

for schools and any organisation working with children directly

  • Have the Safeguarding team certified in Child Focused SAFE Interviewing ©

  • Follow the step by step framework and protocols provided

  • Understand that the interview process starts long before you ever meet with the child.

  • Ensure that the Safeguarding team and Leaders in the school have a clear understanding of why the steps are so important to be followed and support the interview process.

  • Ensue that the child's needs at the centre of decision making

What You'll Get From The Course:

What The Course Entails:

Knowledge & Skills to ask the right questions in the right way

Ensure that you are not causing any additional harm or trauma to any child

Confidence that your interviewing is legally defensible

5 Hours of Independent Learning 

2 days of onsite in person training 

Completion of a Practice Journal 

2 hour online Group Supervision session* 

*3 months after live training day

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If you want more information or are interested in signing up to this course. Click on the Expression of Interest form to register your interest.

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