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Introducing Sian Jorgensen 

Sian started Encompass Safeguarding following over 20 years of International experience leading child abuse investigations in the USA, SE Asia and the UK. 


Educated to Masters level as both a Counsellor and Social Worker and with extensive specialist qualifications and experience from the USA, UK and SE Asia.  Sian combines impressive international statutory and investigative experience and knowledge with a person-centred and restorative consultancy practice. 


Sian will meet all of your organisation's needs whilst ensuring that the DSL, SLT, staff, families and students also feel listened to and supported through any incident management or training.

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"Sian's presentation on Peer on Peer sexually harmful behaviour was excellent"

"Succinct and to the point, the information was clearly presented and Sian focussed on specific things that staff could say to students, which is often missing from training." 

"Sian focussed on us understanding the why but also on the 'what now'. Best training we have had in years!"  


"This is a complex family involving 3 significant males that would challenge us all. 

Sian's approach to exploring the concerns by developing strong and challenging relationships with all 3 men is excellent and rarely seen."  

H. Riley, Head of Service,
Staffordshire Children's Services

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