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Safeguarding Policy Development

Ensuring schools have robust & effective policies tailored to their needs

Group of Friends
Group of Friends

Policy Writing Service

Our Policy Writing Service is designed to empower schools in the development and enhancement of their safeguarding policies and procedures. We believe it is essential that schools take ownership of their policies and can make sure that they are a usable document for their community, which is why our approach focuses on facilitating and guiding schools through the process rather than simply writing the policies for them.  

Group of Friends

Safeguarding Systems Development

Development of a Strategic Safeguarding System for managing and exploring any Child Protection (CP) concerns. 

Encompass can help you with: 

  • Development of a Safeguarding Team; job descriptions, roles and responsibilities

  • Development of a clear flow chart for management of CP concerns

  • Recommendations and support with developing an appropriate reporting and recording system.

  • Development of actionable processes around Safer Recruitment practices

We work collaboratively with school leadership and safeguarding teams, providing expert guidance and resources to support them in writing, amending, updating, and improving their safeguarding policies. Our goal is to ensure that schools have robust and effective policies tailored to their unique needs and circumstances, empowering them to safeguard their students and uphold the highest standards of child protection.

Laptop and Paperwork

"The accreditation visit all went well. They were happy with the safeguarding policy and procedures we have in place and described it as comprehensive in their initial feedback."

Hanan, Head of Education Services, MKS Bahrain 

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