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1 to 1 sessions available

Supervision & Support


You can't always avoid the storm but being well prepared for it will reduce the damage you have to deal with coming out the other side!

"Supervision also sustains the personal resourcefulness required to undertake the work."

British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP)


"Sian has supported me as a trainee student social worker with both professional and personal supervision on a number of occasions during the past year. Sian offered me reflective space to enable me to consider how ‘’self’’ may influence and shape the relational interactions I formed with the children and families I worked alongside.  Sian actively listened and offered solution-focused approaches within all the professional supervision she offered".   Clare, Safeguarding Social Worker

Safeguarding and child protection cannot be a one person job.
The TEAM is there to SHARE the load and SUPPORT each other but also to CHALLENGE thinking and decisions.

Encompass Safeguarding Ltd, 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

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