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Certified Courses

Hybrid or Live Learning for the whole school or individuals.
Contact us to decide what works best for your team.
School Teacher

Level 1 Safeguarding


For all staff who work directly with students.

This training provides your staff with a shared knowledge and language around Safeguarding students. It focuses on staffs’ Duty of Care and the processes they need to follow if there were to be a concern or allegation of harm, or risk of harm, towards a student. It also clearly explains what the expectations of their own behaviour are towards your students and children in general, to reduce risk of harm to children and also reputational risk towards your school. It is expected by all accreditation awarding bodies that all staff working directly with students have completed the Level 1 training. 

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Adult Students

Level 2 Safeguarding


Vital training for those in leadership or management role. Also those on the Safeguarding team as these are the individuals who will first receive a child protection report and they need to feel confident of the first steps to manage that. This certificate ensures that your schools meets the accreditation requirements and your School Leaders know how to recognise and address when a child’s behaviour is likely to be due to trauma they have experienced or abuse that may be ongoing.  You will be able to understand and follow systems we create together and know how to speak to students in ways that will help them open up and feel safe to share their experiences. Additionally this training explores at what point an issue is a Child Protection concerns and therefore would be passed to the Safeguarding  team. 

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Working with Laptops

Level 3 (advanced) Safeguarding Certification (online hybrid)

Recommended for Individuals supporting or leading Child Protection Enquiries. Participants will gain an understanding of the concerns seen most commonly seen in International schools, such as Affluent Neglect and will explore risk for all involved; from the child who may be a victim, to the organisation who may need to deal with impact to their reputation. They will receive an overview of the new research based Child Focused SAFE Interviewing © method. Case studies are used throughout the training to explore the 4 areas of abuse and in depth discussions around appropriate steps, responses and actions.

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Team meeting

Leadership and Management Safeguarding Level 1 Certificate*

Designed for Heads, Administrators, Safeguarding Leads, and relevant Board members, this tailored training tackles major challenges like high level allegations, suicides, community wide crises and serious staff misconduct. Interactive case studies, learning from serious case reviews and challenging dilemmas will help you solidify your Strategic Safeguarding Plan, recognise risks and biases, clarify roles and responsibilities, and confidently update and apply existing policies in even the most demanding situations. This program empowers your leadership team to navigate complex realities with clarity and effectiveness.

*Currently offered as an engaging, in-person experience.

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Level 4 International School DSL Certification

This is the highest certification available, required commitment over an extended period and requires a commitment to written assignments and the completion of a reflective log. This training is currently being redeveloped to meet the specific needs of the International community and will be available later this year.

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Additional areas can be added to Level 2 and Level 3 training or can be designed as stand alone training for groups such as parents or Boards.

Current Hot Topics:

Child on Child Abuse 

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

Unsafe Online Behaviour 

Addressing Powerful People and Abuse

Child Protection and Cultural Norms

Safer Recruitment

Child Sexual Abuse Material


*Can be combined with other onsite training to reduce time and cost

Hybrid Learning Includes:

Planning discussion around your school's specific needs.

Step by step, easy to follow training programme split into manageable chucks for busy staff to fit around their schedule using; videos, dilemmas, scenarios & group discussions.

Live workshop sessions with International Safeguarding Consultant Sian Jorgensen, to embed learning and discuss additional complexity.

Personalised, location and school specific training at a low cost that you can run at a time that suits you.

View our Course Chart Overview to see which course is best suited to you

Nick Rose

Deputy Director CPU

"Sian's, commitment to child safeguarding is first-rate. Her ability to coordinate major events and engage key stakeholders was evident in this most recent project. Sian and I worked for over five months to put the Symposium and training together. This was under a backdrop of tight funding and complex conditions. The outcome will create a great foundation for future safeguarding initiatives."   

Monica R. Clear

Senior Safeguarding Lead SAS

"Sian consistently offered sound guidance with clarity and reasoning, contributing richly to the community and actively helping members solve problems."

Kate O'Connell

Head of School EWIS

“What sets Sian apart is not only her extensive background but also her remarkable skills as a speaker, workshop leader, and
consultant. I have witnessed her engage audiences comprising police, social workers, educators, leaders, and various stakeholders. Sian is a seasoned, dedicated, and
forward-thinking professional in the field of safeguarding.”

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Registered in England & Wales

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