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Hands on training and incident management that you can actually use! 

  • Practical support in dealing with a disclosure or allegation.

  • Feel confident understanding safeguarding and risk.  

  • Have the tools to start conversations with students about any kind of abuse or worries.

  • Understand where the 'holes' in your policies might be and how to change a school's culture.

  • Understand 'sexually harmful behaviour' and other important areas.


122 Safeguarding
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Jennifer Abrams

"I would recommend you unreservedly knowing how qualified and experienced you are in the area of safeguarding and child protection across the globe. Your genuine, commitment to and passion for child safety and wellbeing is inspirational"
J. Gardiner, International School Counsellor


SEPTEMBER 26th & 27th

Specialist Safeguarding
Consultancy and Training

It is everyone's responsibility to safeguard children and young people against abuse and harm. 


Abuse is a difficult and often uncomfortable topic and a lot of people are worried about getting it 'wrong' and causing more harm.

Investing in high quality training and support is the key to ensuring that your students and your community are protected as well as possible.

Encompass Safeguarding's mission is to ensure that children all over the world do not experience abuse at the hands of those there to care from them.

In order to do this we work closely with other high quality Child Protection Services.  We share latest research findings, best tools and techniques and know that we can rely on our shared ethos around providing the best service and support. Find out more about Recommended Organisations 

Encompass Safeguarding Ltd, London, UK

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