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ISSSH Membership 
International School Safeguarding Support Hub

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Why Join?
Many Safeguarding Leads I meet with just want to check their thinking, get someone else’s point of view on challenges they are facing or even know what to say to the school Leaders to ensure they understand what they need in their Child Protection role.

Does this sound like you?
Leadership team, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Child Protection Officer, Safeguarding Team member, Counsellor....

Need support at a very affordable price?

Complex and concerning Child Protection issue land on your desk and you have to respond at a moments notice BUT your skills and knowledge are in Education and Leadership, you aren’t a trained Social Worker or Investigator. 

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What Membership gives you!

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions: Join our live Q&A sessions to get your burning questions answered. Can't make it live? No problem - send me your questions in advance and watch the video when you have time. All sessions are recorded and shared, so you won't miss out.


Ongoing Confidential Support and Advice: Share your experiences, ask for advice, and collaborate with peers in a secure and confidential environment. I encourage anonymous posting as an additional layer of security (within the private group) but if you want to share in this way, send a DM or email and Admin can post for you and even change any details that might impact your anonymity.


Regular Exclusive Training Nuggets and Free Downloadable Documents: Find out about the latest safeguarding hot topics and child protection issues as they arise and get resources to help you with your job.


Access to a private Facebook group and regular email updates: The information is all in one place but if Facebook isn't for you, you can request an additional monthly email summary to make sure that you aren't missing out - so don't let that put you off!


10% Discount on Training and Services*: Individual membership gives you 10% discounts on all individual training courses. Safeguarding team membership gives your school 10% discount on for those bigger, school wide training courses and any consultancy needs.

  • Does not include pre-conference training or events hosted or co-hosted by organisations other than Encompass Safeguarding


What happens if my school buys the annual Team plan and then someone leaves? On the group memberships, or even with the individual memberships if they have been paid for by an organisation, the membership is fully transferable to someone else.  Please just contact the Admin on the FB group or email : or just get in contact using the website chat box and let us know about the changes and we will swap over the details.

I am a bit confused by the Team fees, how much will it cost for my team of 5 to join? Thanks for asking, It will cost £850GBP.  That is because the first 4 members are included in the Team cost ($750 if they join as Founding members) and the 5th person will have a reduced membership fee of just £100.


What sort of free resources can I expect to be inclued?  The first document that is being added is a Child Protection Enquiry Template.  This is something that quite a few DSLs have asked for.  It is a document that you can use to walk through a CP Enquiry and make sure that you haven't missed any steps.  There is also a guide of parent safeguarding newsletter topics that will be added soon, to make those newsletters easier and help you bring in parents as partners. We are making sure that all resources are helpful for people in all different setting and if there is something specific that you would like to be created, please let us know.

I am not sure that my school will like me posting on Facebook.  We spent a lot of time considering the different ways of hosting the group but in the end Facebook seemed to be the best option because we want the group to be easily accessible to everyone and we don't want people to have to sign on to a site they don't know and maybe forget to access what they have paid for.  If you want to create a whole new FB account so you can feel really confident that it is separate from your personal account, then go for it, as long as Admin know who you are, so they can provide access, that is fine.  The group will also be a closed and private group and we are encouraging people to use the 'anonymous' posting option, if they need to discuss something sensitive which adds yet another layer of privacy. Admin are also happy to post for you and to change details (like something country specific).  All members also need to agree to follow the group rules which have na strong focus on respect and privacy.  But IF facebook just isn't for you, that's ok and we respect that and will keep you up to date with email summaries and share documents through email, so you won't miss out.

If I have a serious CP issue at my school can you help me with it in the group?  It is important for everyone to know that this is a low cost membership group aimed to help DSLs to feel supported and reassured.  So we are absolutely here to advise and answer on issues that arise, However if it is a complex child protection enquiry we would recommend that the school employs a Consultant to work with you and if the school have invested in Team membership, they will automatically get a 10% discount on Encompass's Consultancy fees!

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, of course.  If it isn't for you then cancel any time.  Whatever day you cancel on, you will have access to the services until the end of that billing period.  If you cancel less than 3 days before the subscription is renewed then it may take the following month's fee, so please cancel in plenty of time.

Let us know if you have any other questions by either emailing us on: or using the chat service here.

Encompass Safeguarding Ltd,  Company Registration Number 14266316, 
Registered in England & Wales

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