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7North Education provides high quality training to teachers and pastoral staff around First Aid for Mental Health, how to facilitate inclusive and comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education, and Safeguarding increasing their knowledge. skills and confidence to work around these issues.

    With 10 years experience in international schools we can provide tailored 1-1 counselling support for your staff and supervision for your pastoral leads, curbing the symptoms of burnout and helping staff morale, coping strategies and retention.
     We are also able to provide assemblies and group work to students upon request around peer on peer abuse (incl. sexual harassment, consent), drugs and alcohol awareness and RSE.

Chris Gould

Child Protection and Safeguarding Consultant

Completed 30 years’ service with the British Police finishing as a Detective Chief Superintendent before relocating to Australia.  His specific experiences around criminal behaviour and child protection have led to him presenting and working in numerous countries across the globe.
In 2014, Chris was asked to audit safeguarding practices, and then to provide direct support, following serious allegations of abuse that were made at the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). Since that time, operating under ‘112 Safeguarding’, he has been providing safeguarding input, training and case-based support to International Schools, Embassies and other expatriate communities in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. 
Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 11.59.04.png offer Child Protection training to teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents working with children worldwide. Our safeguarding training delivers universal baseline training to any adult in the school community regardless of geography, educational background, or language. Our courses are delivered through our online platform and are available in multiple languages.

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