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Consultancy & Crisis Management

Crisis Management and expert help running Child Protection Enquiries

Safeguarding Consultancy Service

Our safeguarding consultancy service provides comprehensive support to International Schools in managing both historic and dynamic allegations of child abuse.


We work closely with school leadership and safeguarding teams to ensure that they can confidently navigate complex situations, ensuring the well-being of victims while also mitigating organisational risks and safeguarding the school's reputation.


Our expertise enables schools to implement robust policies and procedures, respond effectivly to allegations, and uphold the highest standards of child protection.

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My school hired Sian as a Child Safeguarding Consultant and we were very impressed by the service she provided. Her guidance, advice and ability to walk us through a challenging situation was exactly what we needed. It was very refreshing to work with someone who has such a huge passion for children's welfare and safety. Sian's background in being a counselor enabled her to see the situation from many different angles and ensured we offered the right support to all parties involved. I was very fortunate to learn from Sian and can highly recommend her.

Sara Elliot, Tashkent International School 

Encompass Safeguarding Ltd, 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

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